Luke 11 Months
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Tickle Dad's toes

Sailing on mom

Playing before bed


Luke loves his box

Happy guy!

Lemon tasting - haha!

Chilling in the bedroom

Raspberries from Dad

Tickle fight!

Scruffy gets Luke

TIckles and giggles

Daddy's happy boy

That's my dad

I love my Dad!

When did he get soooo big?


Mama's happy boy

Being sweet with mom

What's cooking?

Curiously figuring this toy out


Bright eyed big boy

Highchair peek-a-boo

Are those muffins for me?

Reading in Dad's chair

Watching dad work in the garage

Luke's garage swing

I made guacamole!

Yum! Blueberries for breakfast.

Luke loves to eat

Check out my messy face!

Snacks on the floor

Just walking around

Nap time

Looking sharp with dad

Our little man

Giggles with dad

Mama's kitchen helper

Dad's kitchen helper

Just walking around

Baby in a box

I got a BIG carrot

Check out my carrot


Nap time!

Guilty face