Luke 6 Months
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Bébé au dos

Playing on Grandma Woody's quilt

Luke loves his tounge

Belly baby

Luke wants to crawl

Picnic at the park

Baby bundle in the stroller

Bath time with ducky

Feet are so fun

Happy diaper baby

'lil traveller

Swinging at the park


At the park with Kristen

6 month photo shoot with mom

Raspberries and giggles



A little snuggle


Luke's first airshow


Thorsvik three at the airshow

Stunt planes

Checking out Andrew and Kristen's awesome floor

Little smiler

Learning to eat real food

Very attentive

Little boy in a big chair

Always curious

Loving the outdoors

Hanging out with Heather

Little cow with Dad

Tickles with Dad

First corn on the cob

Hanging out with Kristen