July Road Trip - 23 States
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Crossing White Pass

Dad and Luke playing

Beautiful rushing rivers

Looking out at Kittitas Valley

Overlooking Vantage

Overlooking Vantage

Dad and Luke fuel up

Bug scrubbing

Views of lakes and mountains

Gibbon Falls in Yellowstone!

Steamboat Geyser

Flying in Yellowstone

Norris Geyser Basin

Loving Yellowstone

Roaring mountain river

A break from the van

Thorsvik Three in Yellowstone

Lower Falls

Yellowstone River

Trying out the carrier

The brink of Lower Falls

Upper Falls

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone


The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Artist Paint Pots

Cool colors at Artist Paint Pots

Overlooking Artist Paint Pots

Setting sun at Artist Paint Pots

Jon and Luke enjoying the Artist Paint Pots

A herd of buffalo

Firehole Canyon Drive in the morning

Can you tell why they call it Firehole?

Extra steamy in the cool early morning

Steam vents

The van on Firehole Canyon Drive

Morning mist and sun

Beautiful colors in Firehole lake

Firehole River

Young Hopeful Geyser

Thermal waters pouring into the icy river

Beautiful colors

Geysers everywhere

Marigold streams

I want to swim in it!

Contrasting hues around the pools

Gods artistry on display

Chilling on the steering wheel

Old Faithful

Renee and Luke at Old Faithful

Kissing at the Continental Divide

Recrossing the Continental Divide

West Thumb Geysers on Yellowstone Lake

Enjoying Yellowstone Lake

Beautiful Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake


Mountain peaks

We loved Yellowstone National Park

Goodbye Yellowstone

Rugged mountains

Jagged cliffs

Luke helps Dad check on the van

Powder Pass

Elevation 9666 ft

Luke meets U. Bob

Luke meets Great Grandma Durben

Luke meets A. Nita

Stacyville Reunion

Luke loves his great-grandma

Hugs from Jessica

Leeny, Jessica and Luke

Sims waterslide off the deck

Stock pot baby pool

Kenny and Noah play with Leeny and Luke

Theo is a stud!

Relaxing in the hot tub

Kenny and Luke are best buddies

Are Luke and Mabel meant to be?

Theo pushes Luke in the swing

Trampoline bungee jumping

A little game we like to call human pinata

Jon masters a bungee back flip

Spot Steven?


Mama and Luke swinging

Thorsviks were spotted at Niagara

Roaring waters

Niagara by night

Spot lit falls


Welcome to Vermont

Beautiful Vermont

Luke plays with A. Beth


Luke and Grandma

Dad relaxing

Hey Handsome!

Sunscreen for my guys

On the lake

Row, row, row your boat...

Giggling with Grandpa

Giggling with Grandma

Durben Family all together

Luke and Mama

Thorsvik Three

Beth and Luke

Steak n Shake in IL

A break in Wyoming

Gas stop in Utah

Our crazy family in Utah

Dad teaches Luke to drive!