Luke 4 Months
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Moo and Luke

Claire and Ducky-lips

Claire and Luke

Wake up Dad

Alex, Luke and Hailey

Ready for a first swim

Checking out the water

Loving the pool

Mama is impressed with her little swimmer

Look at that great kicking

Dad and his boy

Little and big hands

Baby toes

Smiles for Dad

Just relaxing

Flying with Abby

4 Month Family Photo

Clean and happy

Finger chewing

Luke loves kicking around on the floor

Ashley, Luke and Hunter

Hunter is excited to be bigger than Luke

Being cute

Mama and baby

Bundled bath time baby

Prune toes

Luke loves coming to the garden with mom

Backyard relaxing

Contemplating and drooling

Snuggles with my boy

We are so excited!

Toothless smiles

Luke and I

Bath time for baby

Mom made me do it!

Sitting up and playing