Luke 3 Months
46 photo(s) found

Looking handsome for church

Learning to use power tools with Dad

Serious about sanding

Loving the outdoors


Check out my muscles

Wiggly baby

Hanging out with Dad

Learning coordination with toys

Beach trip

Going on an adventure

Hanging out on the sand dunes

Daring stunts on the old boardwalk

Thor power

On the rocks with mom


Bright and happy

Looking sheepish

Mothers Day in the back yard

Happy Mothers Day

Visiting with Great-Grandpa Ray

Playing with Great-Grandma Nancy

Visiting Auntie Kristen

Ready for a roadtrip

Enjoying Kristen and Andrew

Meeting Aunt Lisa and Claire

Giggles with Claire

Meeting Taylor

Sunshine with Uncle Kelly

Happy boy

Dancing with Mom

Tinker time with Dad

Ready to ride

Baby overalls

Playing with Kristen and Mom

Learning tricks with Dad

Working with Dad

Looking sharp

Making faces

Me and my boy

Gumming mama


What a cutie


Around the house