Luke 2 Months
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Luke meets Grandma and Grandpa Thorsvik

Luke and Brian

Luke enjoys chatting...

...and cuddling with Grandma

Morning snuggles with dad

What a perfect little face

Me and my baby boy

The Thorsvik family three

Hugs from daddy...

...and snuggles with mama

Silly faces

Monkey boy!

Mama and chubby cheeks!

Our blessed family

Bright eyes

Tummy time

Chilling with A. Kristen

Little Luke on a daddy's BIG chair

Spring sunshine and green grass

Luke's first time in the grass

Loving the outdoors

Blowing bubbles and smiling

Cute and calm

Getting very excited


Luke loves faces

Little squirt

Screamy baby :o(

Happy boy

Our little man

Silly squirmer

Luke's new hair

Luke and his laundry

A typical day for us