Luke Scott Thorsvik
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Mama loves her new baby!

Getting warmed up for a bath

Our Handsome Boy

Luke's first bath

Is that Jonathan's curly bond hair?

Wide eyed at this new world

A proud Mommy and Daddy

Getting dried off after Luke's bath

Daddy's on diaper duty!

Proud Papa

Auntie Kristen comes to visit

Our first visitors

Uncle Andrew and Auntie Kristen lovin' Luke

Luke's favorite uncle, according to Andrew

Happy auntie

Grandma and Grandpa Woody meet their 1st great-grandchild

Luke's souvenir birth certificate

Proud parents

Luke works on the computer with daddy

Our cutie

Luke loves napping with daddy

24 hours old

Daddy and Luke ready to go home

My Thorsvik guys!

Content in Daddy's strong loving arms


Hallelujah sleeper

Luke trying out his Moses basket

Mommy and Luke trying out the Mobi wrap

Happy family

Our little stud

Baby feet are adorable

I'm getting chubby already!

I love his hands

Daddy and Luke

Luke sleeping in his living room cradle

Luke goes to work with daddy

All bundled up

Luke's 1 week old

Happy 1 week birthday!

Snuggle time with daddy

Luke's little hands

Despite the face Luke loves his bath

All wrapped up after a bath

2 weeks old

Hanging out while daddy takes apart the roomba

Luke's many faces

Tired guys!

Luke looks so little in daddy's arms

Listening attentively to Daddy

We love the boppy!

Daddy teaching Luke electronics

Content and a little sleepy

Chipmunk cheeks

Big yawn for a little boy

Baby feet

"No more pictures, mama!"

Luke helps mama with laundry

Mama's sleepy boy

Snuggle time with mama