Road Trip
30 photo(s) found


Testing the hitch

Fall driving

Getting ready to go

We're ready!

Second morning after a night in the van

At the Sims for Kenny's birthday

Blow those candles

Presents make all the kids happy

Theo in his crayon costume

Jonathan and I were coloring pages

John and Hannah - palette and brush

It's a whole box of crayons!

Sims and Thorsviks

Playing in the leaves

Fall fun


Who's gonna get it?

Jessica and Theo

Laura and Theo

Hitched and ready

More bubbles

Tree Rock - a random scenic stop

It's windy and chilly up here

Cruising across America

Rugged mountains

Highest point on I-80

the Continental Divide

Sunset stop at the Continental Divide

Fall in the mountains
3000 miles from PA to WA