Married Life
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Jonathan working on his desk

Our first visitor - Beth!

Jumping on the homemade 'love sac'

Our little garden

Cookout at the park

Jonathan was hungry!

That is what we call a Thorger!

Newly weds at the park

Heart shaped pizza - thank you Louis and Susan

Visit to the Sims - trampoline wrestling



Pinning Jon down

Kenny is determined

Laura and Leeny

Ian and the fire

Trampoline time

Slip and slide

The Sim's awesome slip and slide

Go Joe, Go!

Our growing hanging garden

Stuffing the love sac into it's outer case

Mint, tomatoes...


Our living room

Our living room/dining room

The office (aka work zone/messy room!)

Our bedroom

4th of July fireworks with the Sims

The kids loved the Roman candles


Kids dancing in the strobe

I love the starburst from the strobe and the shadows

We had really cool fireworks

Visiting Karen and Grandma Durben in Stacyville

Grandma and I

Frisbee in the fog on Whidbey Island

Siblings exploring the lighthouse

Hanging out with the Thorsviks on the island

Fuzzy family photo

How many Thorsviks does it take to grill a hotdog?

Digging in

Andrew and Kristen at the picnic

The beginnings of Thoraft

Chris as a castaway

Kristen and I enjoying the lovely weather and free amusement

To the kelp we go!

Gathering kelp to use as rope

On the beach with my love


Reunion with Vanagon

Getting to know Jonathan's first baby

The Columbia River

Bridge over the Columbia in Cathlamet


Sunset smooches

Andrew and Kristen's rehearsal dinner on the lake

Tossing in the bride!


Ready to ski

Kristen skiing like a pro

Fun in the lake

Thorsvik family reunion


Heather and Kristen battling for the frisbee

Beautiful bride!

Thorsvik family

Greater Thorsvik family

Dad and Mom Thorsvik

Hanging out in the getaway car

We might have to take this for a ride!

What a hottie!


Sweet ride


All ready for the getaway


French Onion Soup in breadbowls


I sewed an apron

Sweet Sims kids

Silly Sims kids!

Josiah at the birthday bash

Theo vs. the balloons

Can you tell we love each other?

Together, 20 weeks pregnant!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Kofte in the park