Josiah 1 Month
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I'm a one month old

Those eyes peering at me

Handsome boy

Handsome boy

Morning family snuggle on the big bed

Brother bonding

Auntie Beth

Anna does a check up on Josiah

Reading with Auntie Beth

Out for a walk

Tummy time

Wide eyed

Daddy time

Playing on Luke's bed


Bathtime boy

Smooshy sleeper

Handsome boy

Relaxing with grandma

Brother bonding and fishy faces

Out to lunch with Grandma

IKEA trip

Tummy time coaching

Getting stronger on his belly

Riding in the carrier is fun

Enjoying the outdoors

Little mama with her babies


Kicking on the couch

Hammock nursing

Nap time in the hammock

Fun in the back yard


Waking up

Sibling fun with the hammock and tire swing

Glorious grass

Three swinging Thorsviks

Happy little wiggler