Anna 18-24 Months
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Wrestling Luke

Learning to puddle stomp

Little kitchen helper

Fun with Luke

Christmas snuggles

A chilly walk

Brisk walk at the park

Fun loving little girl

Wrestling dad

Discovering snow

Climbing and jumping

Little mama in the making

Tickling dad's feet

So sweet

Hanging out with mom

One last sleepy snuggle as the littlest in the family

Proud big sister (photo by Heather Meadows Photography)

In love with Josiah

She loves him

Holding baby

Taking care of Josiah

Reading baby a book

Morning snuggles

Climbing the rope bridge

Progression of a smile

Reading to her brothers

Giving Josiah a check up

Chilly spring walk with Beth

A girl and her tape measures

Story time with Grandma

Playing with Josiah

All bundled up

Anna loves the tire swing

Taking care of her babies

Could not stay awake another minute

Swinging Josiah

Sharing the hammock with Luke

Sibling snuggles in the hammock

Holding Josiah in the hammock

Swinging with Luke

This girl loves the swing

Driving along

Playing with Dad

Mommy made me wear piggy tails

Ready to paint

Looking lovely in Indian clothes from Grandma Thorsvik

Josiah loves Anna's stories

Zebra shirts

Popsicle time


Playing in the petal snow

Painting project

Happy little puzzle girl

At the park with mommy

Lovely little lady

Summer babe

Water play in the backyard

Love the Senegal dress A. Joelle gave us

Yee hah sleeping bag

The digging zone in the garden

Pop corn!

Playing in the rain

Beach babe

After a face plant into a wave

Exploring the ship wreck

Beach love

More buckets, more sand

Oh hey!

Babies in a box

Sticker fun

Chalk letter practice

Mama snuggles on the hammock

I left her for 3 minutes

We got the piggie tails figured out

Anna love to swing

Mommy keeps trying new piggies on me

Walking down the block

Hey Josiah!

Spot Anna

Checking out the tiny office

Backyard blessings