Anna 15-18 Months
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At the dock

Running along the water's edge

Enjoying the sunset at the park

Can't resist the sour blackberries

Paint is for my lips, right

Zoo day

Check out the flamingos

Reading with grandma

Wrestling Luke

Warm fall days in the pool

Snack in the stroller

Bath time love

Apple right off the tree

Hammock snuggles with mum

Yummy lemon

Going on an adventure

Cousin pile on Daniel

ThorVolt testing with dad

ThorVolt is kid approved

Daddy's lap is the best

Hayride at the pumpkin patch

Snuggles with my littles

A chilly fall walk

Bundled up at the park

Sibling swing time

Morning family snuggle on the big bed

Picnic at the park

Anna loves olives