Anna 12-15 Months
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Anna's birthday in Seattle with Laura

Pike Place Market

Turkish for lunch in Seattle

Yummy food

She's a screamer

Working with Dad

Cold popsicle

First instinct - eat the sand

These kids love the beach

Second instinct - surf on the sand

Getting up close and personal with the beach

First pony tail

Garden strawberries are the best

Playing at the park

Swing swing swing

She painted her lips instead of the paper

Now she found the paper

Mud play day

Bath time after the mud

Loving the splash park

Water is so fascinating

Reading with grandma

Fearless in Astoria

Swinging with dad is the best


Cousins going for a walk at the park

Just relaxing with Chris and Jocelyn

Playing on the porch with Grandpa and Grandma

She's more interested in the ball

Here you go!

African woman in training

Chalk it up

Hike to Beaver Creek falls

Mama packing Anna along for the hike

Safe with Dad by the stream

This girl loves the water

Family photo in Astoria

Diaper girl

Where's your tummy?

Looking at Daddy

Let's play together

Just innocently eating yogurt all by myself

More please...It's in my eye lashes

I'm a big girl, I know how to use the spoon

Playing in their room

Learning to stack

Loading jenga blocks

My little loves

Funny bunnies

What just happened?

Is this supposed to be an upgrade?

So oblivious

Weee...I'm a middle child now

Mama and her 3 kids

Serious eyes

Little summer wild child

Pretty girl


Walking with Dad

Blueberry eyes


Loving the park

Check out this moss


Climbing on Daniel with Caden

Blueberry eyes

Hold me!

Big kisses

My fun loving spunky girl

Always learning something new