Visiting the Durben Grandparents
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Helping pack

Mama and her kids

Grandma and Anna

Wiggly baby

Helping Grandma fill the bird feeder


Big smiles

A tractor ride

Luke drives the tractor

Grandma playing with the kids

Anna loves eating cucumbers

Dad and Anna

Grandpa and Anna

Just playing

Reading about trucks in the window seat

She slides backwards

Painting with Grandma

Playing with paint

Happy little girl

Watching the snow from the turret

Watching the snow from the turret

Beautiful snow

Walking around in the little bit of snow

All bundled up

Sitting up so well

Birdseed with Grandpa

Pour carefully

Hang up the feeder

Mission accomplished

Doing a craft with Grandma

Belly time

What a cutie

Happy with mama

Our Durben Family

Snow at the castle

Snow at the castle