Motorhome Roadtrip
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Motorhome Roadtrip

3300 miles of driving

Chilling in the back with the grandkids

Red Canyon

Our first destination

Exploring with grandpa

Bryce Canyon National Park

A morning story with grandpa

The view

Ready for a hike

Enjoying the lookout

Packing the kids along

Part way into the canyon

It was a gorgeous day to enjoy the canyon

The air was crisp at 8000 feet

Snack break

Exploring the rocks

Driving into Zion National Park

Picnic lunch in front of the motorhome

We enjoyed the Riverside Walk

Our crazy family

Looking up at the cliffs

Driving out of Zion

Good morning Elk

Our campsite visitor

Morning in the motorhome

Morning at the campsite


Hiking the Bright Angel Trail

Dad and Mom at the Grand Canyon

Luke climbing

Looking out at the Colorado River

Luke and Dad enjoying the view

The Grand Canyon

On the rim

Mama and Anna

Drinking in the vast beauty

Family memories

Rich warm colors

Luke loves to ride Dad

Hanging out at a view point

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Mom and Dad enjoying the sunset

Dusty rose sunset

Dad and Mom captured the sunrise

Early morning rays light up the cracks in the rock

Golden light

How long will this last

Rugged cliffs

Dad and Luke peer over the edge

So much to look at

We loved the Rim Trail

An adventure with the littles


Napping with Dad

Rugged cliffs

Mom T

Roadtripping Thorsvik style - a little engine trouble

Happy 80th Grandpa Ray

Happy 80th Grandpa Ray

Lovely ladies

We had a lovely visit with Grandpa Ray and Nancy

Thorsviks - 4 generations strong

Anna is the first girl in 8 generations of Thorsviks

Grandpa and Anna

Luke and Anna become Junior Deputies

Mini golf

California coast

Exploring the rocks

Exploring the beach

Beautiful rugged coastline

Enjoying the view

Grandkids are the best

Visiting Uncle Kirk and Aunt Glenn

Visiting Aunt Patty

We took and evening hike through the Redwoods

Mom and Dad by Big Tree

Luke rode in the pack with Mom

One last family photo