Summer Fun
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Ready for camping

First time camping in the vanagon

Camping at Kirk's cabin

Lisa and Anna

Climbing on the cannons


Discovering the beach

Family at the beach

Luke's log

Launching the log

Raft building


Andrew takes Anna on the boat

Renee and Kristen enjoying the lake

Jon loves skiing!

Smiling with my serious boy

Swimming with daddy

Renee skiing

Jon masters the wake board

Family fun on the lake

Popsicle time with friends

Flying a kite

Picnic time

Daniel playing with Hudson and Cooper

Jon and Luke in the tube

Luke, Grandpa and Andrew on the boat

Renee and Heather braving the choppy water

Renee and Kristen on the way back

Two excited pups

Just waiting for my burger sporting my new hair cut

Dad's gilling

I can't see my feet says Luke

Anna loves being on the boat

Loving the boat

Playing in the water

Uncle let Luke drive the boat

Daddy and daughter enjoying the boat