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Reception leftovers at our apartment

Fresh squeezed juice next to the Grand Bazaar

Tulips in Istanbul

Spring in Istanbul

Buying roasted corn and chestnuts

In the park by the Hagia Sophia

In the park by the Hagia Sophia

Crossing the Bosphorus by ferry at sunset

Crossing the Bosphorus by ferry at sunset

Dürüm in Yalova

Dürüm in Yalova

Termal - our tiny balcony in our hotel

The Termal hot springs were wonderful!

Termal - in front of our hotel

On the ferry from Yalova to Istanbul

On the ferry from Yalova to Istanbul

Istanbul shoreline

On the ferry

Busy waters

Electronics stores in Karaköy

Our sleeper train to Ankara

Exploring Cappadocia

Walking around Cappadocia

Beautiful Cappadocia

Murals in an ancient church

The ancient cave church

Livestock hooks carved into the sides of caves

Climbing through caves

Let's make this our home!

Kissing in a cave

Our trusty rental car

Exploring underground cities

Durum on the road

Jonathan's old house in Adana

Welcome to Kızkalesi

The Kızkalesi shore castle

Our favorite pide restaurant

So much delicious food: pide, lahmacun, and salad

Breakfast on the Mediterranean

Breakfast on the Mediterranean

Jonathan at breakfast

Delicious Turkish breakfast

Walking along the Mediterranean

Walking along the Mediterranean

Exploring K?zkalesi - the Maiden's Castle

Kızkalesi - a castle on an island

Exploring the inner passages

Little windows in the inner stair cases

We love Turkey

Walking around the outside of the castle

Playing on the rocks

Relaxing on the rocks

Watching the water spray up through coral blow holes


Paddleboating back to shore from Kızkalesi

Climbing on the rocks by the castle on shore

Hanging on an overhang

Scaling the outer wall

Walking across the stone arch

A view of the island castle from the shore castle

It's a LONG way down to the mote

Walking along the outer wall

Stairways through the towers

Braced in the stairway

Photo frame!

Newly weds

How long will this dome stand?

Framed in

The tower we didn't climb because of...

...the drop!

Doors and stairs

Back at our favorite restaurant for dinner

Cehennem - "Pit of Hell." A massive hole in the earth

Cennet - "Heaven." An expansive cave with a chapel at the mouth

We climbed as far as we could into Cennet

We could hear the sound of a rushing underground river

The church at the openning of Cennet

Which way are you going?

Cennet or Cehennem?

Spectacular caves


Shadow art

Newly weds

Awesome caves

Washing our strawberries (which we later produced mini snails)

Roman ruins



Amphitheater steps

Aqueduct water ways

The amphitheater

Our restaurant staff

A last view of Kızkalesi

One last beach picture

St. Paul's church in Tarsus was not made for tall people

It's perfect for me (same door from the inside)

Outer stairs

Jon's getting artsy

I should have studied Greek in Bible school

The inside of the church dedicated to St. Paul in Tarsus

More than enough door for me

Ice cream!

Traveling on the TCK

Over the mountains

I'm a TCK

Off roading in our rental car for a scenic view

A break on a bridge

Zelva Open Air Museum

Hanging out in the caves

Peeking through windows in the dome

Our exit plan from a cave - it was pretty hairy.

Staircase exposed by erosion

Jonathan staying as far back as possible

Crab walk back down the scary edge

Scampering up the stairs

The trick is not to look down

Scaring my new husband

This is so cool

Peeking out the dome

Climbing narrow shafts was slightly scary

Jonathan climbing a dead end shaft

The eroding dome we explored.

Newly weds loving Zelva adventures

View through a window on the other side of the valley

Never ending caves to explore

It's like it was made for Jonathan

The mill

Fairy Chimneys

Eating out

Our adorable little hotel



My first time driving a scooter and up the dirt path I go

Learning to off road on our 'dirt scooters'

A beautiful place to ride

'Dirt scooter' newly weds

I had a few wipe outs and close calls but we really enjoyed it


Our sleeper train on the way back to Istanbul

Walking around Istanbul

Buying dried fruit at the spice market

A last picture with Dad and Mom Thorsvik