Luke is Two
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Luke's Second Birthday

Opening presents

Happy Birthday to Luke!

Luke loved his birthday pies

Mama and Luke

Blueberry loving boy

Silly faces with Mom

Playing with hippos

Fun with Heather and an apple

It's a teddy attack!

Snuggles with Dad

Reading with Dad

Luke loves to work on electronics with dad

Sidewalk chalk in the spring sunshine

Our house in spring

Painting in the bath

Luke got himself ready to go...almost

Battling the dandelion field

Dinner in the back yard

Loving the new swing

Jon build us a swing and hammock stand

Relaxing in the hammock together

My corn on the cob loving boy

Just sitting in my blue chair

Loving these warm days with my little man

Life on a sunny afternoon

Helping dad fix mom's car

Grubby hands!

Dad's little helper

This is where the nut goes

What a fun loving boy


Big smile

Can you see the sound of towing a trailer with a big truck?


Check out those blueberry eyes

A new snuggle spot for Luke

Luke loves to load his toys into boxes

If you give a boy a suitcase, he'll play for hours

Mama's garden helper

This is why I garden

Sweet summer treats fresh from the garden to little lips

It's just a summer afternoon in the back yard

Luke took this one

Coloring on boxes

We traced Luke in orange and Anna in purple

Painting outside

Stringing up the hammock

Luke's picture of himself



...after! I did the unthinkable and cut his hair!

Matching Dewalt drills

Cup cake at Auntie's gender reveal, it's a boy

Playing with Anna

Growing boy

We bought canning toys...I mean tools

Trying out the jar lifter on Mama

Snuggles with Dad

Playing with Cooper

Building a truck with Dad

Helping put on the wheels

Pushing Anna on the swing

Playing in the sun with Anna

Lego trains are the best

Check out Anna watching Luke play

Endless fun

Dad and Luke having fun with Anna

Junior deputy

Apple peeling and eating

Helping unload the dehydrator

Writing in the bath

Fall leaves

Toss the leaves up

Falling leaves

Jumping in the leaf pile

Running through the leaf pile

Shaving Dad


Playing with Anna

Helping out with laundry

Snuggling with Dad

Nativity play

Christmas morning

Sharing with Anna

Reindeer footies

Playing with salt dough

Helping Anna drive

New Years photo booth with Kristen

New Years photo booth with Cooper

Installing ThorVolt on the gator with Dad

Taking Cooper for a ride

Holding Anna

Lap time with Dad

Wrestling with Anna

Luke and his beloved Snuggle

Salt dough fun

Drinking lemon honey tea and making blueberry muffins