Luke 19-23 Months
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Hammock time with Mom

Buddies in PJ's

Helping pack

Yogurt please!

Yogurt is yummy

I love corn on the cob

Life as a toddler is rough

Luke's first four wheeler

Reading with Grandma Woody

One day I want to be an engineer just like Dad...

...for now I'm a Big Brother!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Jon

Luke loves to hammer

Taking apart a TV

Seaside aquarium

Touch and feel

Touching a star fish

Enjoying the ocean

A misty day at Seaside

Family vacation at the beach

Digging is fun

Beach baby

Only child expiring May '14

Low tide at sunset

A favorite of Luke

Loving the beach at sunset

Luke loves the playground

Only child expiring May 2014

Snuggling with the blankies

Cuddles with Mom

Happy Thanksgiving

Playing with Dad's drill

Vacuum helper

Fall is fun for toddlers

Working on an LED screen with Dad

Luke's new pyjamas

A cut just in time for Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Thorsvik Four!

Opening PJs from Mommy on Christmas Eve

Enjoying our new PJs on Christmas Eve

Luke loves playing with his nativity

Playing with baby Jeejee, Mary and Joey

Snuggling in the laundry basket

Dad's caulk buddy