Summer Family Gatherings
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Abby & Travis' wedding

A little Ashley love

Remembering Grandma

Bribery to help Luke like Grandma

4th of July

Redneck grilling

Happy 4th!

Fun in the sun

Painting A. Patty's fingernails


Ashley and Heather

Heather's determined to win

Luke loves U. Andrew

Fun for children of all ages

At the playground

At the playground

Heather and Kristen crafting


Relaxing in the backyard

Fun with Chris

Family cookout

Enjoying Washington summers

Kristen pushing Luke

Can't get enough family cookouts

Just relaxing

Woody's and Thorsviks

Heather on the lake in Bellingham

Kristen dock starting

Luke's first boat ride

Kayaking with Heather

Out on the lake

Crazy hair!

Trying to get over the wake

Renee skiing

A wild ride for Andrew and Daniel

Luke and Dad tubing

Family tubing

Jon coming in from skiing

All of a sudden Luke wanted to sit with Grandpa

Getting ready for a bike ride

Family bike ride

Ready for biking

Renee and Kristen

Chris and Mom coming up the hill

On the trail

Family bike ride

Playing with Kristen

Chris, Brian and Deanne

Grandpa and Grandma with Luke

Chris' waterslide

Riding high with Dad

Off to some family volleyball

Heather, Daniel and Hudson

Dog pile!

Luke loves corn on the cob

Meal times

Relaxing in the hammock

Luke playing with the dogs

Bike repair shop

Learning guitar with Grandma

Good morning!

Ready for a hike

Family hike

Ready to hike

Up we go

Happy 32 years Mom and Dad

Family of hikers

Andrew, Kristen and Cooper

Happy 2 years Andrew and Kristen!

Happy 5 years Daniel and Heather

A rest on the broken bench

Ready to continue

Looking back

The ladies

Thorsvik ladies

At the peak

Kristen and Andrew

Spot the floaters - Renee, Brian and Chris

Floating on the log down the rapids


Nap time!

Mama and baby napping

Hiking at Multnoma Falls

Spot the Thorsviks

On the upper bridge at Multnoma Falls

Hiking to the top

Going up the switchbacks

Zigzagging up

The ladies

Enjoying a break with a view

We made it!

Overlooking the falls

At the top

Daniel and Heather at the top

Luke explores the upper river

Car seat ride with Chris

Ware-Thorsvik family reunion

What a crazy lot!

Look what I married into!

Thorsvik men

Thorsvik man-pile

Our fence engineers

Chilling with Grandpa and Grandma

The Fence Project Managers

Bye bye

Ferry to Whidbey Island

On the ferry to Whidbey

Kristen and Luke on Whidbey beach

Family bocci ball on the beach

Braving the cold water to find treasures

Andrew and Kristen enjoying the beach

Picnic lunch

Creative berry picking

Grandma Nancy and Luke


Playing on the stump

Mama and her big boy

Lots of laughs

Daniel heading out in a kayak

Luke tests the water and mom tries to stay balanced

Let's go kayaking

Andrew and Kristen in the kayak

Chris masters the paddle board

Luke enjoys looking for seals in the kayak

Lovely day on the water

Brian takes Grandpa Ray out in the dingy

Paddling the waters

Our beach chef

The guys enjoying burgers on the beach

Luke meets a crab

Enjoying the fire

Relaxing around the fire

Singing around the fire

Jon serves the giant beach ball

Beach ball fun

Beach ball games

Four generations of Thorsviks - Great-grandpa Ray, Grandpa Brian

Mom and Dad Thorsvik

Daniel and Heather

Four generations with the Wares

Four generations with the Woody's

Family get together at the Woody's

Joelle's visit - in Astoria

Sister time at the beach

Sunset on the beach

Fish and chips

Redneck baby drives the tractor

Luke loves Uncle's tractor

Brian and Deanne's goodbye

Our crazy family

Joelle and Luke playing