Luke 16-18 Months
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Taking mom on a walk

Handsome Boy!

Mama's big boy

A little snuggle

Climbing on mom

Bike rides to the park

Luke loves yogurt

Spot the helper

Yogurty mess

Happy Mother's Day!

On the plane headed East

Durben Family

Giggles with Dad

Durben Family

Durben Family

Playing with A. Beth

Fun times with Grandma

Loving Grandma's house


Fun times with Grandma

On the playground

Two Blokes and A Bus

Airports are so interesting

Watching the ground crew and plane

Flying home

What mess?

A fun place to sit

Reading in the laundry basket

Dad does the best rides

Helping U. Andrew put together cabinets

This is my Dad!

Are you going to cry about it?

Playing with Dad


Luke's keyboard

Playing with computers

Second haircut

Working on computers with dad

Fixing computers

Fixing computers with dad

Handsome Boy!

Playing in the river

What a happy water-loving baby!

Washing the cars with Dad

Reading with Dad

Quality time with Dad

Driving the alligator toy

Luke's favorite hat

Working outside

Working outside in a diaper

Playing with Willow

Silly dog!

Take me for a ride!

Pure joy!

Enjoying broccoli from the garden

Broccoli loving baby

Baby and mama

Luke loves helping water

Playing piano with Chris

Yaba daba dooo!