Luke 12-15 Months
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Swinging with Mom

Tickle fight

First hair cut

First hair cut

Handsome Boy!



I don't know about this...

Weeeee! That was fun!

Cannon Beach

Little explorer

Enjoying the beach


Just watching...

Building towers

Sitting with Mom

How embarassing!

Daddy time


Chilly walks in the park

Ahoy Mates!

Exploring in the pirate ship

Watching the world


Look at this cool dirt

Kitchen helper

Late night snacks

Luke's first coloring

New magnets from Beth

Mr. Independent

Putting together the cement mixer

Learning to use a screw driver

Playing with Cooper

Petting Hudson

At the park with Dad

Andrew and Cooper


Family fun

Weeeee! That was fun!

Just playing

Taking it all in

Higher, mama, higher!

Mama and her baby


Family at the park

Guilty of dumping all the bubble bath out

Happy Birthday Mom

Trying an orange

Dad's shoes!

Playing with dirt

Just being cute

Quiet book page

A big bump!

Happy guy

Being sweet

Building pillow forts

Working with Dad

Reading with Dad

Bedtime snuggles

Fixing the mower

Fixing batteries

Snack time with mama

What a cutie

Loving the car/phone toy

Dad's little helper

Thor's hammer

Eating on the porch